"the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. the trick is learning how to take a joke."

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the best of concept art jak and daxter: the precursor legacy

tagged as: Jak and Daxter;  gaming;  gamediting;  the precursor legacy;  my stuff;  this somehow ended up longer than the sly one;  literally everything on rafei's site is gorgeous tho;  conart;  

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the best of concept art + sly cooper: thieves in time

tagged as: sly cooper;  gaming;  Thieves in Time;  the one i've been dying to make forever;  i actually had to cut stuff out of it omg i had so much;  what a gem;  my stuff;  conart;  

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the best of concept art + sonic boom (2014)

tagged as: sonic boom;  sonic the hedgehog;  gaming;  my stuff;  yeah im starting a series with these i just love concept art so much;  conart;